Continent USEA is a pre-release promotional magazine from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. Published by the Color of the World Society, its contents are mostly centered on Erusea's military.[1]

Continent USEA was one of the first promotional releases on the Ace Combat 04 website, being made available on the website's launch on March 30, 2001.[2] A translation of the original Japanese article is provided below.[3]


Stonehenge Espionage Mission Intel.jpg

A photograph taken during a special operations engineering mission against "Stonehenge," the popular name for Erusea's weapon of continental dominance. As a result of secondary emissions during transmission of the image data being detected, ISAF forces' attempt to destroy Stonehenge by sabotage ended in failure.

Information regarding the time and date the image was taken, its location, and the fate of the infiltrating engineers has not been released.


Yellow at Comona.jpg

A photograph of one of the five aircraft in the Erusean military's "Yellow Squadron" flying above the Comona Islands, taken by the RIO of an intercepting ISAF Air Force F-14.

The F-14 was shot down by the Su-37 immediately afterward. The photographer injured his spine on bailout, but both he and his camera were recovered from the sea.

a meteorite


An instant in the fall of a meteorite, caught by chance on home video.

As it is a highly compressed video recording, the quality of the image is low, but the intensely burning appearance of the meteorite caused by friction with the atmosphere can be clearly seen. The cause of the three streaks of light in the lower part of the image is still unknown, and furthermore, the ISAF military has yet to release all information regarding this matter.


Yellow Leisure.jpg

A photo taken in a bar in the neutral state of San Salvacion. The location of the photograph and its photographer are both unknown, but from the contents, it is thought to be a snapshot depicting soldiers of the Erusean military in everyday life.

What is noteworthy is that a military emblem depicting a golden eagle can be seen on the arm of the person in the front right of the picture - the emblem of the Erusean Air Force 156th Tactical Fighter Wing "Aquila Squadron," known popularly as "Yellow Squadron." This is one of the few existing documents relating to the unit.

soldier in the town

Erusian Occupation Troops.jpg

How a city looks under Erusean governance, as captured by battlefield photographer Jim Lyle. Children calmly go to school past a street corner where an armed Erusean soldier is on patrol. One sees how an extraordinary thing like war can become ordinary.


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