Contracts are special items in Ace Combat Infinity that allow a player to earn additional rewards such as bonus credits or increased research.


Contracts can only be awarded through daily bonuses, challenges or from the PlayStation Store. Players can have an unlimited amount of contracts; each one, when activated, lasts for 12 hours.

Multiple contracts can be activated at once to stack the time bonus; for example, activating three Elite Mercenary Contracts will activate the Elite Mercenary boost for the next 36 hours.


Contracts of either kind can be purchased from the PlayStation Store either one-by-one or in packs, similar to Sortie Fuel:

  • One contract: USD$0.99
  • Four contracts: USD$3.49
  • 11 contracts: USD$8.99
  • 24 contracts: USD$19.99

Contracts can also be included in other DLC packs, such as the Elite Pack or the Rookie Set.

Contract Types


Elite Mercenary Contract - Banner

The banner of Elite Mercenary Contract

Additional Plant Investment Contract - Banner

The banner of Additional Plant Investment Contract

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