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The Cormorant is a UCAV designed for support roles.



The Cormorants were only known to have been deployed by the Scinfaxi-class submarine Hrimfaxi during Operation Long Harpoon in order to defend the ship from the Osean Wardog Squadron. The UAVs were later shot down and any remaining airframes stowed within Hrimfaxi were likely destroyed as well following the sinking of the ship.[1]

Infinity universe

Cormorants were deployed by Scinfaxi-class submarines in various operations during the UNF's Operation Eternal Liberation.[2]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat Infinity

How to Unlock

The aircraft is not available to the player


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

How to Unlock

The aircraft is not available to the player



  • The Ace Combat version of the Cormorant has many design alterations compared to the real life Cormorant; the Ace Combat version has moderately short, straight wings, and a vertical stabilizer on the top of the craft. The real life Cormorant has longer wings that are bent near the wingtips, and flies with the vertical stabilizer on the bottom of the craft, thus making the Ace Combat version technically upside down in flight.


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