"As they say in my house, there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity."
― Count[1]

Count is an Osean Air Defense Force fighter pilot and a member of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, as well as a former member of the Spare Squadron.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Spare Squadron, he often inflated his kill reports, garnering significant attention from the base commander D. McKinsey.[2]

His propensity for exaggerating his own feats, most especially his kill count has made out an impression of him being something of a pathological liar, as seen during his time as a member of Spare Squadron, where none of his fellow squad mates and even AWACS Bandog regarded any information he gave out to be trustworthy and reliable.


Spare Squadron

At some point prior to the Lighthouse War, Count spread rumors that he came from a noble family, hence his nickname.[2] He was later convicted of fraud and was incarcerated. At the war's outbreak, he was transferred to the 444th Air Base's Spare Squadron in Zapland.[3]

As Erusea began attacking the fake base next to the 444th base, Count and the rest of Spare Squadron were repeatedly deployed in order to make the base look legit.[4] On July 1, 2019, Count and the squadron engaged multiple bombers after contact with their superior Colonel D. McKinsey was lost, and was thrown in solitary along with the rest of the unit for disobeying orders.[5]

On July 4, 2019, Count participated in Operation One Pair where he assisted in crippling Erusean bases situated in Roca Roja.[6]

On July 12, 2019, he participated in Operation Two Pairs over the Yinshi Valley, where he assisted the Cyclops and Strider Squadrons. He retreated out of the operation area alongside several other pilots when Sol Squadron entered the airspace.[1]

On July 22, 2019, Count took part in Operation Three of a Kind, where he attacked the oil depot at Artiglio Port. He later assisted in tracking down several tank trucks that were attempting to flee the area, attracting several drones when he was near Erusean territory.[7]

Count during Operation Flush

During Operation Flush over the Waiapolo Mountains, Count assisted in destroying radar sites in the area. As a formation of drones posing as an Osean squadron entered the area, Count and the squadron proceeded to engage them once they were identified as hostile, while avoiding Helios projectiles. Following the dogfight, Count was ordered by AWACS Bandog to shoot down the last enemy who was posing as an ally, only to be revealed as fellow Spare Squadron member Full Band, who was tagged by the AWACS as hostile.[8]

On August 5, 2019, Count and Trigger were personally handpicked by the General Staff Office to escort Colonel McKinsey over Bulgurdarest. He escorted the transport carrying the commander, while Trigger destroyed any SAM sites and incoming aircraft, as well as an unidentified aircraft.[3]

Following Operation Full House, Count and Trigger were transferred to the Long Range Strategic Strike Group and joined the ranks of Cyclops and Strider Squadrons, as Cyclops 2 and Strider 1 respectively.[9]

Long Range Strategic Strike Group

Count's first mission as a member of the LRSSG was Operation Siren's Song on August 10, 2019, where Cyclops and Strider Squadrons raided Snider's Top and attacked the primary Erusean Navy resupply junction, destroying the valley resupply base, marine aircraft launching platform, and the Njord Fleet.[9]

On August 19, 2019, Count, took part in Operation Dragon Breath, where Cyclops and Strider Squadrons were deployed to provide air support for OGDF major Deanna McOnie's research group tasked with repairing the previously disabled eighth Stonehenge turret in order to shoot down Arsenal Bird "Liberty". As the Arsenal Bird entered the area, Count defended the turret from invading UAVs while Trigger and Wiseman attacked the Arsenal Bird's central propellers.[10]

Following the operation, Cyclops Squadron was placed on standby, while Count was transferred to Strider Squadron as Strider 2, replacing Skald. On September 2, 2019, he assisted in destroying Erusea's IRBM silos by coordinating with OADF bombers in Sierraplata.[11]


On September 4, 2019, the LRSSG defended an OMDF that attempted to capture the Alicorn submarine stationed in Artiglio Port. Count assisted in defending the fleet from attacking Erusean forces, as well as EA-18G Growlers that had entered the airspace to support enemy fighters.[12]

On September 10, 2019, Count and the LRSSG infiltrated and attacked several Erusean fleets at Anchorhead, before being engaged by the Mimic Squadron. While engaging the squadron, he changed his radio frequency to alert Trigger of Mimic's tactics and that they were eavesdropping on the two pilots. Count and Trigger emerged victorious when both Mimic pilots were shot down and killed.[13]

On September 14, 2019, the LRSSG pursued the Alicorn into the Spring Sea, with help from Specter Squadron. Count, along with the rest of Strider and Cyclops Squadrons (minus Wiseman, who remained behind to direct the mission with David North) engaged SACS fighters and sub-launched drones in defense of the ASW planes, changing targets to engage the Alicorn once Trigger had found it via MADS and allied ships forced it to the surface with an ASROC attack. His efforts to sink the submarine were halted, when Captain Mattias Torres issued a declaration of surrender. Count, realizing that something was wrong, saw through his deception, going so far as to refer to Torres as a "con man". After a failed attemt to use the Alicorn's railgun on Oured, the LRSSG ultimately sank the Alicorn, being granted a short reprieve by Wiseman before their next operation.[14]

Farbanti and civil war

Prior to the culminating attack on Farbanti, Count took part in Operation Werewolf, where he flew through Cape Rainy's ravine and assisted Basilisk Team in a night raid on the Erusean base in the area.[15]

After Operation Werewolf's success, Cyclops Squadron was brought back into action, and Count and Skald were returned to their original positions. On September 19, 2019, Count engaged Erusean forces in Farbanti during Operation Giant's Step. Sometime later in the operation, Sol Squadron arrived and engaged the two squadrons. During the dogfight, Wiseman was shot down and killed by Mister X, forcing leadership of the unit to transferred to Count, who was hesitant to lead. Following the destruction of Usea's satellite network, AWACS Long Caster ordered both squadrons to make an emergency landing at Gardos Air Base.[16]

Following the operation, the squadrons were reorganized, and Count was permanently assigned to Strider Squadron as Strider 2 again. On October 1, 2019, the LRSSG was deployed to escort Erusean general Édouard Labarthe out of Anchorhead Bay. Count assisted in defending the transport from Erusean Radical forces.[17]

After Operation Gorgon, Count suggested that the LRSSG devise a plan for self-defense, and an operation to relocate to Tyler Island was set in motion. On October 10, 2019, he participated in Operation Reflux to provide air support for retreating Osean troops. He later assisted in preventing Erusean conservative forces from bombing the island and shooting down escaping SSTO shuttles.[18]

On October 24, 2019, Count took part in Operation Beehive, where Strider Squadron raided Shilage Castle for supplies. He later engaged the Sol Squadron. When Mihaly entered the airspace, Count and the other Strider pilots formed a perimeter, while Trigger engaged him.[19]

A week after the operation in Shilage, Count took part in Operation Daredevil around the International Space Elevator, where he assisted the Osean-Erusean coalition forces in engaging the Radicals and later the Arsenal Bird "Justice". Count was later attacked by two ADF-11Fs that had entered the airspace, forcing him and Trigger to land at the OFS Admiral Andersen.[20] The following day, Count and the remaining coalition forces engaged the two UAVs. Trigger and Count later pursued the remaining ADF-11 that escaped into the space elevator's tunnel. While in the tunnel, Count sustained heavy damage from the UAV. After Trigger shot down the UAV, Count forced a landing within the elevator while Trigger escaped by flying up the shaft. He later confirmed his survival, allowing the other pilots to request aid.[21]


As a member of Spare Squadron, Count was generally disliked by most of the other pilots in the squad due to his ego. As Spare 2, Count believed himself to be superior to the rest of his squad, even going so far as to attempt taking command during Operation High Card despite no one taking him seriously. He cared little for the others' opinions but later came to accept his fellow pilots as comrades; his distress over shooting down Full Band through Bandog's misdirection was something that stuck with him for the rest of the war.

Following his transfer to Cyclops Squadron, Count had difficulty adjusting to his new unit, especially finding Wiseman overbearing and Húxiān aggressive. As with Spare Squadron, Count grew into his unit over time; by the time he joined the operation to capture Farbanti, Count respected Wiseman's position as the unit's leader. He felt incapable of taking over Wiseman's position but ultimately brought himself to do the job after pulling himself together.

Count originally perceived Trigger as a rival when he was inducted into Spare Squadron and often challenged him to see who would get the highest kill count during mission. He would later become Triggers friend and wingman following his transfer to Strider Squadron and would often stick up for him and his abilities during battle. His respect for Trigger continued to the end of the war.



  • Count bizarrely has two emblems present in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The first variation is only utilized by the Count emblem obtainable by the player, which has a large top hat brim and the wings placed in front of the hat. The second variation is used on all of Count's aircraft textures, that being his Su-33 and F-15C. This variation has a thinner hat brim with the wings placed behind the hat.