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Croatia is a country in Southeast Europe.


Joint Assault timeline

After the 2008 economic crisis, the Valahia seized a harbor in one of the major islands off the coast of Croatia, using it as a base to stage naval insurgent raids through the Mediterranean Sea. The base was bombed by Martinez Security's Antares Squadron under the orders of the IUPF to halt their operations prior to Valahia's announced attack on London. [1]

Infinity timeline

Croatia was one of the countries claimed by the USEA Federation in their 2019 uprising, along with many other nations in the Ulysses-ravaged Central Europe region. In September 2020 during Operation Eternal Liberation, the United Nations Forces organized an amphibious landing mission from the Adriatic Sea to obtain a foothold in USEAn territory. The operation saw the first combat deployment of the OLDS spaceship against Earth-based targets, failing to halt the UNF's invasion, resulting in victory for the UNF.[2]


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