Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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"When are you planning to buy those flowers?"
― Crow 1 to PJ[1]
"Wait around too long and another guy's gonna steal her away from you, you know."
― Crow 2 to PJ[1]

The 4th Air Force Unit "Crow", more commonly known as Crow Team, was a mercenary fighter squadron employed by the Ustio Air Force's 6th Air Division during the Belkan War. The unit was comprised of three members and stationed at Valais Air Base.

During the war, Crow Team flew alongside and supported Galm Team in several important engagements, including the destruction of Excalibur and the toppling of "The Round Table" in May 1995. After Larry Foulke deserted Galm Team in early June, Crow Team's number 3—Patrick James Beckett—was transferred out to serve as Galm 2.



Crow Team was formed in or prior to December 1994, when Patrick James Beckett, nicknamed "PJ", joined the squadron.[2] The squadron is assumed to have seen combat during the early stages of the Belkan War, as the 6th Air Division was largely responsible for early Allied Forces' victories.

Allied counteroffensive

On May 23, 1995, following numerous Allied losses during Operations Hell Bound and Dynamo, Crow Team was reassigned to directly support Galm Team during the squadron's attack on Excalibur.[1]

Five days later, Crow Team joined Galm Team and other Allied squadrons in a large-scale aerial battle over Area B7R in southern Belka.[3] The squadron also supported Osean bombers during the bombing of Hoffnung.[4]

On June 6, Crow and Galm Teams were dispatched to assist the Allied ground troops laying siege to Sudentor. When AWACS Eagle Eye reported that a squadron of Belkan bombers carrying nuclear payloads had taken off for Ustio, Crow and Galm Teams immediately changed course to intercept them. Although the mercenaries successfully shot down the bombers, seven nuclear weapons detonated along the Waldreich Mountains, killing thousands of Belkan civilians. Powerful electromagnetic interference from the nuclear blasts forced Crow Team to withdraw from the area. In the ensuing chaos, Galm Team's number two, Larry Foulke, deserted and was listed as MIA.[5]

A week later, Beckett was reassigned to Galm Team to serve as Cipher's replacement wingman.[6] The fates of Crow 1 and Crow 2 are unknown.




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