Part of the 6th Air Division, the 4th AFU is another mercenary squadron also stationed at Valais Air Base. The Crow Team is made up of three members, who commonly joke with one another, mostly on the youngest member, Patrick James Beckett.

This unit commonly worked with Ustian Military Forces for defense missions. They begin offensive missions on May 23rd, 1995; the same day of the attack on the Excalibur.

Their offensive operations continued as they began to commonly work along side the Ustian 66th Air Force Unit Galm. They are seen battling along side the Galm Team during Operation Judgement, Operation Battle-Axe, Operation Cannibal and Operation Ravage. After Operation Ravage,Crow Three then begins to operate with the 66th AFU replacing Pixy . PJ is killed at the end of the war after an unseen and unexpected incident.

Radio Transmissions (PJ)

"This is Crow Team's number 3. Name's PJ. I'll support you any way I can Galm Team."
"This is no time to talk about my personal life!"
"By the way, PJ stands for Patrick James."
"And I like to play polo. You know, the game with the horses?"
"I fight for peace. That's what I'm up here for."

Rest of the squadron

Crow 1: "Crow 1 to Crow 3. When are you planning to buy her those flowers?"

Crow 2: "Wait around too long and another guy's gonna steal her away from you, you know."

PJ: "This is no time to talk about my personal life!"

Pilot Profiles

Crow One

The flight leader of the Crow Team. He sounds as though he is older than the other two members of the Crow Team. He is the focused member of the Crow Team who keeps the unit together in battle. He also likes to 'poke-fun' at Crow Three, along side Crow Two.

Crow Two

The pilot of the second position of the Crow Team. He sounds as though he is the same age as PJ and commonly heckles him about his relationship with a woman back at Valais Air Base.

Patrick James Beckett - Crow Three

Although a capable pilot, he appears to be young and slightly naive often stating that he is "fighting to stop the fighting." He apparently traveled across the Osean continent by motorcycle, after he finished High School. He also had a relationship with a woman at Valais Air Base and commonly was heckled by Crow One and Two throughout the war.

‘PJ’ is a pilot that flies for Valais Air Base's Crow Team . He flies an F-16C Fighting Falcon with a white heart painted on its right side. PJ flies with Galm One, when Pixy goes missing.

At the end of the war PJ's F-16C is heavily damaged and loses control. Weather he survives or not is unknown, so he is marked as MIA. Though, it is believed he died when they find his aircraft's crash site.

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