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OPD Police Interceptor stationed on an Oured highway

The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI or Crown Vic) is a modified version of the Crown Victoria civilian sedan. The CVPI was used for police forces in the United States of America and Canada from 1992 into the early 2010s.

In the Strangereal universe, CVPIs were used by Osean law enforcement, especially in and around the capital district. Their use outside of Osea is unknown.


During the gas attack on Bana City, the Bana City Police Department deployed multiple CVPIs to provide evacuation and medical assistance. Once the Sudayev Commando Team was discovered escaping in a truck, two units gave chase while several others attempted to cut them off at Marvin Bridge.[1]

Nearly two months later, the Razgriz Squadron took off from a major bridge in Oured to destroy the SOLG. CVPI units shut down civilian access to the bridge to give the Razgriz enough space to take off.[2]



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