"Sorry, no visitors allowed. Run along home, now."
Yuktobanian pilot[1]

Cruik Fortress is a large, fortified military installation located in northern-central Yuktobania, northeast of Cinigrad and west of the Vladimir Mountains. Cruik is one of the Yuktobanian capital's primary defensive positions. Its daunting size and impressive fortifications earned Cruik a reputation for being nearly "impregnable".


Cruik Fortress utilizes a large circular structure that is nestled into the surrounding mountainous topography. The fortress's defensive strength lies in its circular shape, which allows for a 360-degree view of the area, and the natural landscape, which makes approaching the fortress virtually impossible. Cruik's only entry points lie along a roadway that bisects the fortress along its north-south axis.[1]

An array of defensive pillboxes and bunkers guard the southern gate. Several larger bunkers were positioned along the surrounding mountainsides in order to concentrate fire on any attacking forces that had managed to penetrate the walls. A series of gun towers guard the vulnerable gates. Cruik also supports a large, elevated runway that stretches across the fortress's northeast-southwest axis; an array of underground hangars and garages house the fortress's defensive tank battalions and fighter squadrons. A large tower near the north gate acts as both a control tower for the fortress's runway and a vantage point for surveying the area.[1]


"Bust through here like you're gonna run all the way to Cinigrad!"
― Osean soldier[1]

As the Circum-Pacific War progressed, the Osean Army advanced toward the Yuktobanian capital, Cinigrad, in hopes of quickly ending the war. However, Cruik Fortress's defensive power repulsed two siege attempts and managed to forestall the Oseans' advance for five days.[2] With the situation becoming increasingly dire, Wardog Squadron, which had recently suffered the loss of Alvin H. Davenport, was dispatched to support the Oseans' third siege attempt. On December 6, 2010, through the coordinated efforts of Wardog and the ground forces, the Oseans successfully broke through the "impregnable" fortress, thereby opening up a direct route to the Yuktobanian capital.[1] The Yuktobanian Army consequently withdrew from the area and began preparing for the impending Osean advance on Cinigrad.[3]

Cruik Fortress encircled

The Osean forces at Cruik Fortress encircled on a briefing map on December 16

After Wardog disappeared, Osea was forced to halt its army at the fortress. By December 16, Yuktobanian forces encircled the Osean forces at Cruik,[4] and by December 23 they tightened the circle closer around the fortress.[5] Within six days, the Osean forces defeated the Yuktobanian forces behind them to the southeast, returning to the state just after Osea captured the fortress.[6]



  • Cruik's name is phonetically similar to the Russian word "kryuk", meaning "hook".