Moskit cruise missile (ACAH)

Russian cruise missile Moskit (ACAH)

Cruise missiles are large missiles designed to make a heavy blow in one strike. The missiles themselves do not cause much damage, and are similar in destructive capabilities to a Sidewinder missile; however, the warhead of a cruise missile can be modified to cause far more damage, while the cruise missile is simply the airborne transporter to the target.

Cruise missiles have a long range but not the fastest speed. With the help of an Airborne Warning And Control System, the missiles will usually show up on radar. Ones that don't include, burst missiles, enemy air to ground launched missiles, and Nimbus missiles. They can be picked up by AWACS but will not show up on your radar.

Types of Cruise Missiles

  • Land based: These missiles are launched from some type of platform and usually must be destroyed to stop any more launches.
  • Ship based: These missiles come from ships and can be launched in multiple ways. (A) From designated missile launcher on ship, (B) Without warning, (C) From the protection of water. The ship's weapons must be destroyed to stop further missile launches—in rare occasions, the vehicle itself must be destroyed to prevent further missile deployment (such as the Hrimfaxi). Other examples of ship-launched cruise missiles is the Ace Combat X2-born Hi-TASM missile.
  • Air based: The mosy popular way of launching cruise missiles, is from the air. Planes carry the missiles to the target, and let go at a safe range. Air launched missiles can be carried by the player himself. LASMs bare a resemblance to cruise missiles with their long range and heavy impact strength.

List of Special Cruise Missiles/Warheads in Ace Combat

Game Cruise Missile/Warhead
Ace Combat 2 Extra Powerful Cruise Missile
Ace Combat 04 ICBM & Burst Missile
Ace Combat 5 Burst Missile
Ace Combat 6 Nimbus & Chandelier missile
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Trinity
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Helios



  • In Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, Estovakia uses cruise missiles heavily to their advantage as part of the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The Nimbus missiles fired from the Aigaion shot down many pilots over Gracemeria and Selumna Peak, and the missiles fired from the Chandelier were a huge threat to Gracemeria as a whole.
  • In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Blatnoi, NRF, and Markov also depend heavily on cruise missiles to accomplish their goals. More specifically, they use Trinity to level three towns in East Africa (including Carruth), multiple military bases in Russia, and Central Moscow, and attempted to destroy the rest of Moscow, Derbent, and Washington, D.C.
  • The Moskit cruise missiles and chandiler cruise missiles share the same design, though the chandiler missiles are bigger than the Moskit missile, due to the fact that the Moskit can be carried by an aircraft, dictating its size, while the Chandiler missiles were a lot bigger, since they can be shot, from the superweapon.
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