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Not to be confused with battle cruisers.
Kara-class cruiser

Kara-class Admiral Braginsky

Cruisers are a class of large warships often used in air defense, anti-shipping and shore bombardment. They are often used as escorts for larger vessels like battleships and aircraft carriers to protect them from air attack.

They have made numerous appearances in the series, starting with Ace Combat 2. Their most recent appearance was in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.



The Usean Rebel Forces were known to have operated cruisers during the Usean coup d'état. The Usean 2nd Fleet utilized them during July 7, 1998, where all known units were destroyed by the Scarface Squadron.

Erusea operated cruisers during the Continental War, including the Raven that operated with the Aegir Fleet. Raven and her sister ships were sunk along with the rest of the fleet. Cruisers were also present at the Battle of Farbanti. The ISAF Navy also operated cruisers (the Tea Time being one of them), but it is unknown where they were during the war.

Osea and Yuktobania both operated cruisers during the Circum-Pacific War. Several cruisers operated with the Osean Navy under the 3rd Fleet in defense of the fleet's carriers during the Bombing of St. Hewlett. Yuktobania operated a single cruiser during Operation Glory Horn. It was sunk by members of the Razgriz Squadron.

Estovakia and Emmeria both operated cruisers during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.

During the Lighthouse War, both Osea and Erusea operated cruisers. The Oseans used their cruiser fleet to protect surviving aircraft carriers. A single Osean cruiser was part of the fleet during Operation Sighthound. This cruiser was destroyed by the Alicorn Later on, a cruiser was the flagship for Operation Fisherman where a small group of Osean vessels damaged the Alicorn. The Alicorn subsequently destroyed the cruiser and her group. Cruisers were present again during the second Battle for Farbanti and at the International Space Elevator during Operation Daredevil. The Eruseans operated their cruisers much more widely. Several cruisers were present at Snider's Top where they were sunk by the LRSSG. Reactivated reserve cruisers were also present during Operation Domino following the destruction of the Njord Fleet. These cruisers were again sunk by the LRSSG. Some cruisers were present at the second Battle for Farbanti but they too were sunk.

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