Cuckoo's Nest is the alternate 8th mission in Ace Combat 2. It is unlocked by destroying the warships on the Sledgehammer mission. The alternative mission Rising High can be chosen instead of this one.


We have received information that the enemy supply plane unit is approaching their garrison. As a result of our attack on their shipbuilding facility and the sinking of the transport ship, the enemy seems to have changed their supply route to air. The targets are containers of supply material dropped from enemy transport planes. Your mission this time is to destroy as many as you can before they reach the ground.

Target: The enemy supply plane unit and the supply containers

The missile guidance system is not effective against the containers; therefore you must use machine guns. Take your time, and aim carefully! Good hunting!

Mission overview


  • 25 x Container - $3,000 each.


  • 2 x C-17 - $10,000 each.
  • 6 x SF-35 - $3,750 each.
  • 4 x Tower - $1,000 each.


  • Money: $25,000
  • Unlock: TND-F3 (Extra mode only).



  • The formation of the containers varies in each difficulty;
    • Easy has the containers falling in two straight lines.
    • Normal has them fall in the shape of an infinity symbol.
    • Hard has them fall in the shape of Pac-Man eating a few dots.