"Men, make the most of your new aircrafts. Varcolac Squadron, let's head out."
Milosz Sulejmani

Cyclops Slayer is the thirteenth mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: The IUPF is advancing on the old USSR nuclear missile silo, hoping to ebate the Valahia terror. Other Valahia bases across Europe will be attacked at the same time. This isnt going to be easy. We are to attack a hostile fortress in Southern Romania, a site confirmed to have a large rail gun. A weather station in the mountains bordering Serbia and Romania is also a disguised enemy radar site. The combination of the rail gun and radar site allows for precise, long-range firing. London may be saved, but Europe still has a knife at its throat. We must end this! Antares Squadron will attack the hostile radar site in the Serbian Mountains.. If the rail gun is the arm of the cyclops, the radar is it's eyes. Destroy the radar site to take out the gun. We will be counting on your success.



Start by taking out AA guns as you approach the first radar station. The player must fly below the radar site to avoid radar detection, should the player spotted by a radar trace, the Balaur will attack from long range - which can be avoided by flying below 6500 feet. Radar sites requires three shots from standard missiles to be taken out. Each radar facility is guarded by a SAM and a couple of AA guns, the first radar facility also has a Su-27 guarding it.

After the first radar is destroyed, two more will activate to the east and northwest. The northwestern radar is protected by a F-14D while the eastern radar has a Su-27 (which will respawn up to two times) spawned nearby. Anti-aircraft guns also constantly respawns along the path between the two radar sites as you destroy them.

Mission Update 1[]

After the radar sites are destroyed, the Varcolac Squadron will arrive in the combat zone and will take on Antares, using hit and run tactics while attempting to surround and outgun the player. Either use an aircraft with XMAA/ODMM or aircraft with high mobility rating to deal with them easily. The Varcolac Squadron will retreat once you deal enough damage to all of them.


The S-Rank is achieved when the player achieves a score of more than 7500 by the time the mission is complete

Ace Unit[]

E-767 Timeline - Spawns above the eastern radar site after the first radar site is destroyed.


Burford: The hostile radar site has been destroyed. This will make taking out the fortress much easier. However, Sulejmani is starting to be a real thorn in out side. With that in mind, this won't be easy. You're going to need to bring your "A" game to the table.


  • This mission is very similar to the mission "Rolling Thunder" from Ace Combat X in the sense in both missions, the player has to fly through a canyon to avoid long range attacks from an enemy superweapon.