Cynocrine gas in Santa Elva

Cynocrine is a chemical weapon utilised by Leasath in the Aurelian War.[1]


A highly lethal and extremely unstable chemical weapon developed by Leasath, Cynocrine was originally intended for use in pharmaceuticals. However, initial testing of the chemical compound proved disastrous for any possibility of medicinal use as an extremely potent oxidation reaction occurred after being in contact with the atmosphere for as little as three minutes. The possible use of Cynocrine as a weapon was not overlooked by the Leasath military.[2]


As the war with Aurelia began to take a turn against Leasath, General Diego Gaspar Navarro authorized its release in the occupied Aurelian city of Santa Elva as a scorched earth policy. Within minutes, the Hamlet Unit, a biological warfare Leasath special forces unit, has release canisters of the chemical agent all over the city. Though a neutralizing agent was hastily developed, it was proven to be extremely unstable with high ignition characteristics. In order to keep the agent stable, low temperature and pressure was needed to keep it stable. This agent was loaded onto Gryphus One's aircraft, and was successfully used to neutralize the Cynocrine threat in Santa Elva.[3]


  • In the game's canon timeline, Cynocrine never saw any use in the war.[2]


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