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Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald was a Neucom fighter pilot.


Early life

The daughter of a wealthy Usean family, she was raised in a conservative background along with her sister Fiona, adopting an elitist and professional view of life, compared to the carefree attitude of her sibling. In 2033, she earned a master's degree in Genetic Engineering at the Chopinbrook University, then joined General Resource for the next four years. She then transferred to Neucom as a scientist, becoming a chief consultant in the Neucom Emergency Unit and one of the leading researchers of the R-series of aircraft, operating under the TAC name "Priest".[1]

Corporate War

Cynthia was first introduced to Nemo during the Intercorporate War in a videomail from Fiona after it saved the lives of her and UPEO's Gabriel Clarkson during their defection to Neucom, and became their commanding officer in NEU.

She is an advocate for the sublimination of humans [2] and defects to Ouroboros after a Neucom raid on a General Resource air base. The Sphyrna enters the battle zone and Cynthia, although clearly surprised by Ouroboros' early arrival, takes the opportunity to follow her dreams. This is much to her sister's distress, who remains with Neucom.[3] Under one of the outcomes of the simulation, Cynthia decides to undergo sublimation herself due to Nemo's actions.[4]



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