In 2033 she earned her Master's degree in Genetic Engineering at Chopinbrook University. After she graduated, she joined and spend four years with General Resource LTD. before she joined Neucom Inc. till the climax of The Corporate War. She's an ace pilot in NEU, Neucom's paramilitary force. She is Fiona's older sister.

Her first missions in the Corporate War are unknown. She made her first appearance in a video call made by her sister to Nemo. During the course of the war, Dision successfully convinced her to sign up for the sublimation project, promising her a life free of bounds in the Electrosphere, striking himself as an example. Fiona, on finding her name in the list of sublimation candidates, spawned a huge argument with her sister. Fiona failed to alter her sister's decision and was left with a disappointing answer.

A few missions later, Cynthia was put as the lead of a three-plane formation tasked the bombing of a General Resource facility in White Valley. After a brief 'row', the mission starts. After the mission, Cynthia followed Dision's calling and decided to join Ouroboros. At this point, Nemo had to choose whether to stay in Neucom or to join Ouroboros.

If you follow Cynthia and join with Ouroboros, she was to attack and infiltrate UPEO base in order to capture Rena, the X-49 Night Raven's trained pilot (and a former friend of her sister's). On returning to base, she witnessed the destruction of Neucom bases and her sister's death in the news. Fueled by her frustration, she went to Dision for answers but to no avail. Feeling powerless and full of sorrow for her sister, she shot the screen through which Dision communicates with her and went on a quest for revenge.

After leaving the Sphyrna for another mission, she predictably turned against the Ouroboros headquarters and with aid from Nemo, heavily damaged the huge airship and went for the newly deployed X-49 Night Raven. After an extended showdown in the Geofront and over Port Edwards, Nemo and Cynthia successfully shot down the X-49, with the help of Simon.

After seeing the truth behind Ouroboros and regretting her decision, Cynthia decided to rejoin her former employer, Neucom.

On the other hand, if the player stays with Neucom, Fiona doesn't die under Nemo's lead and therefore Cynthia proceeds with the Sublimation project as originally planned by Dision. Cynthia's body was shot down later on by Nemo in a long lasting dogfight (optional) and after the corporate war was over, the sublimed Cynthia contacted her unhappy sister via the Electrosphere.

Other facts

Sometime before the AC3 events, Cynthia was a GRDF member.


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