"If any credit is due, it should come to me. Prisoners deserve nothing."
― Colonel McKinsey[1]

Colonel D. McKinsey is an officer in the Osean Air Defense Force. He was the commander of the 444th Air Base, and by extension Spare Squadron, until August 5th, 2019.

He is the main antagonist of the Spare Squadron Arc of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, as well as your boss during it.


During the Lighthouse War, McKinsey proposed the concept of a penal unit, and thus the Spare Squadron was created.[2]

McKinsey provided Spare Squadron with their briefings for various operations during the war.

McKinsey was last heard in Operation Full House, during which Trigger and Count are tasked with escorting his transport plane through Erusean territory into the Osean-allied country of Bulgurdarest. After the mission, despite successfully arriving in North Point, McKinsey was transferred to a front line command due to his alleged military successes while commanding Spare Squadron.[3]


Much like AWACS Bandog, McKinsey had little to no respect for the convicts under his watch, often sending them to solitary confinement for the slightest of provocations and denying the pilots any sort of recognition for their successes during missions, taking the credit for himself. Despite being in command, he wanted to get back to his career whenever an opportunity would present itself.[4] This is especially noticeable during the conclusion of Operation Full House, where he blamed Trigger for shooting down the ADFX-10 after Wiseman mentioned he was tracking it, claiming that he had ordered Trigger to stand down.[3]