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"Benefits courtesy of the Golden Axe Plan, way too much overkill for huntin' scorpions though!"
― Oruma comments on the GAF-1 Varcolac

Daniel Oruma was a member of Martinez Security before defecting to Valahia. Like his squadron mates, he followed Rigel Squadron flight leader Milosz Sulejmani during his desertion to the insurgent group Valahia and later joined the Golden Axe Plan Private Army after the collapse of the Valahia. He, along with the rest of Varcolac Squadron, were killed after being shot down by Antares Squadron.



  • Oruma is the only Varcolac/Rigel Squadron member who is nice to Antares even after defecting to the Valahia. However, this does not stretch to when they were allies, as Faryd Gaviria was also nice to him.
  • He is the only member of the Varcolac Squadron who doesn't use a Russian fighter (Sulejmani uses a MiG-1.44, Gaviria uses a MiG-31, and Kiriakov uses a Su-37).
  • Based on the aircraft he flies, Oruma seems to be specialized in Air-to-Ground Combat.