All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"There's a couple arguing at the foot of the King's Bridge. Somebody intercede!"
― Daniel Pollini patrolling Gracemeria

Commander Daniel "Windhover" Pollini (ダニエル "チョウゲンボウ"ポリーニ Danieru" Chōgenbō" Porīni) is the flight lead of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force's 8th Air Division, 15th Fighter Squadron, Windhover Squadron.

Daniel Pollini is said to be a passionate man who inspired those flying alongside him, his clear judgement in battle made him out to be an invaluable flight lead and ally to the Garuda Team.


Invasion of Gracemeria

Daniel "Windhover" Pollini was part of the defense force during the invasion of Gracemeria, him along with the rest of the REAF almost succeeded in driving out the Estovakian invaders. However were ordered to retreat after nimbus missiles struck the city wiping out half of Emmerian planes in the sky. At first Daniel was hesitant with complying with the order, outright disregarding it at first but then later complied when AWACS Ghost Eye explained their long term strategy.


After arriving in Vitoze with the rest of the Emmerian forces, Pollini decided to organize a new squadron of pilots for the 15th Fighter Squadron of which he commanded.[1] This squadron would later come to be known as Windhover Squadron.

Liberating Emmeria

Ever since, Windhover has worked together with the Garuda Team in a number of important operations across Khesed Island and the Anean continent to liberate his country from the clutches of then enemy. His most notable contributions to the war include his sorties to the standoff in Silvat Town, liberation of San Loma, assault on the Aerial Fleet, Operation Free Gracemeria, and the assault on the Chandelier. His primary aircraft is an F-16C Fighting Falcon with his squadron's unique paint scheme, distinguished from his squadron mates by a black marking surrounding the canopy.


Pollini's paint scheme for the plane has been removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation along with every other piece of DLC for the game. It returns in Ace Combat: Joint Assault as an unlockable paint scheme and is also featured in Ace Combat Infinity as its own special aircraft.



  • When viewing Windhover's F-16C in-game, it sports the livery of Garuda Team opposed to having his livery
  • Early screenshots of Ace Combat 6 show Windhover flying the F/A-18F Super Hornet instead of the F-16C Fighting Falcon which he uses in the final build of the game


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