"I'm taking off! Move out of the way!"
― Kovac while taking off from the P-1112 Aigaion

Darijo Kovac, callsign Strigon 2, was a member and temporary flight lead of the Estovakian Air Force's elite 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Strigon Team).

He was said to have a very stern attitude which managed to hold the team together through insurmountable odds.[1]


Estovakian Civil War

Midway through the Estovakian Civil War, the Eastern Faction created the Vampire Team through rigorous integration of various insurgent ace pilots. When Strigon Team's at the time second in command Ilya Pasternak was assigned to lead the Vampire Team, Kovac took the place of Strigon's number two role.[1]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

He took part in the Invasion of Gracemeria where Strigon Team leader, Victor Voychek's injuries sustained from the battle saw Kovac him once again being promoted to flight lead.[1]

While defending the Estovakian Aerial Fleet, he, alongside with his two wingmen, was shot down by the Garuda Team.[2]



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