For the mission in Ace Combat 2, see Dark Star.

The DarkStar (also known as Darkstar[1], Lockheed Martin DarkStar or Lockheed Martin Darkstar) is a fictional hypersonic stealth aircraft from Top Gun: Maverick that was designed by Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works division.[2] It is an exceptionally fast aircraft that can even outrun missiles, but becomes more difficult to maneuver at higher speeds.

The DarkStar debuted in Ace Combat as a downloadable aircraft for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown in the TOP GUN: Maverick Aircraft Set, a collaboration between Project Aces and Paramount Pictures. The DarkStar is the first licensed fictional aircraft from a franchise not owned by Bandai Namco to be featured in Ace Combat.[note 1]


DarkStar Cockpit Mach 6

The cockpit of the DarkStar

The DarkStar is a small stealth aircraft with stubby wings and a large lifting-body fuselage. It possesses large air intakes that power massive scramjet engines beneath the craft.[note 2] These engines provide the DarkStar with an incredible top speed that exceeds Mach 5 (6,100 km/h; 3,800 mph); with additional tuning parts, the DarkStar can reach speeds of 3,500 knots (6,500 km/h; 4,000 mph), surpassing the MiG-31B Foxhound and making it the fastest aircraft in Ace Combat 7. Its small vertical stabilizers are all-moving, rotating the entire control surface when yawing rather than using a traditional rudder.

The DarkStar's cockpit is small and difficult to see out of. The cockpit glass appears to be a one-way mirror; the middle cockpit window cannot be seen through from outside the aircraft. The cockpit's airspeed indicator uses Mach as its unit of measurement, as a testament to the aircraft's high speed.

The DarkStar has two internal weapon bays which can store air-to-air missiles or small-diameter bombs. It also features two nose-mounted pulse lasers, one on either side of the cockpit.

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[]

"A supersonic[sic] stealth fighter with extraordinary high-speed flight capabilities that set it apart from other aircraft. Its staggering speed can be used as a powerful weapon itself, allowing the aircraft to not only break into firing range before the enemy has time to counter, but also outfly[sic] missiles that have locked onto it once the fighter reaches top speed.

However, the aircraft becomes extremely difficult to handle when flying at supersonic[sic] speeds, which greatly enlarges the aircraft's turning radius and requires split-second decision-making that tests the limits of human capability. Only the greatest of ace pilots with exceptional maneuvering abilities and the keen judgment to assess the tide of battle are able to fully utilize this aircraft.

This is an original aircraft designed as part of a collaboration with "Top Gun: Maverick"."

How to Unlock

Acquire the TOP GUN: Maverick Aircraft Set.


AC7 DarkStar Statistics


  1. PLSL x600 ( on Casual -Easy-/Easy/Normal)
  2. MSL x140 ( on Casual -Easy-)
  3. Special Weapon
  4. FLR x2

Part Slots

BODY: 30
ARMS: 30
MISC: 30


  1. Original Skin: Black, partially metallic livery seen in Top Gun: Maverick
  2. Color 02: Two-tone white and blue livery, similar to the R-352 Sepia and some Lockheed A-12 airframes
  3. Color 03: Red, partially metallic livery, similar to the ADF-11F Raven's Metallic Red skin
  4. Mage: Original Skin with Mage Squadron markings
  5. Spare: Original Skin with Spare Squadron markings
  6. Strider: Original Skin with Strider Squadron markings



  • It is theories that Darkstar is a cameras/sensors only COFFIN equipped aircraft as the middle cockpit window cannot be seen through from outside the aircraft. It could possible that middle cockpit window of DarkStar has external non visible camera and internal digital screen.

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  1. The Sky Kid Piston Fighters in Ace Combat Infinity were the first licensed fictional aircraft in Ace Combat, but Bandai Namco owns Sky Kid. The F-15S bears a resemblance to a fictional F-15 in Patlabor 2: The Movie but, if it was based on the movie's aircraft, it was not officially licensed.
  2. The cockpit of the DarkStar features "SCRAM", short for "SCRAMJET", as part of the interface.


  2. Skunk Works Helped Create The Darkstar Jet For Top Gun: Maverick. The Drive. Published on May 6, 2022. Retrieved on May 26, 2022.