David Hartmann was a Belkan Air Force pilot during the Belkan War. Following the war's conclusion, he assisted in the development and operation of Stonehenge.[1]


Hartmann graduated as a physicist from the 7th Service Academy at the top of his class. He applied for a position on the Experimental Space Navigation Team, but was denied. He then joined the Belkan Air Force, flying an F-15C Eagle during the Belkan War under the callsign "Ibis".[1]

On May 13, 1995, Hartmann took part in the defense of the Belkan forces occupying Directus while the Allied Forces attempted to recapture the city. He was shot down by Galm Team during the battle.[1]

Following the war, Hartmann moved to Erusea and received a Ph.D in Physics from the Usean University of Engineering.[note 1] He later became involved in the development of Stonehenge, and operated it during its engagement with the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid.[1]


  • Given his prominent position related to Stonehenge, Hartmann was likely one of the members of Shooting Star Squadron, as well as one of the engineers onboard Air Ixiom Flights 701 and 702 during Operation Noah's Ark.
  • Hartmann is the name of the top ace of the German Luftwaffe Erich Hartmann who shot down 352 aircraft.
  • Hartmann shares his callsign with Erusean Air Force ace pilot Matthieu Bertin.


  1. There is a translation error: the English version of the game says "Osean University of Engineering", while the original Japanese text says "Usean University of Engineering".