Dead End is a 15th mission in Ace Combat 2 and the 2nd mission in Operation "B"ELLISSIMA.


We have received information that the enemy is assembling their air power in preparation for a counterattack on our invasion forces. We must attack them while they are getting ready to make their sortie, which is right now! We will fly at low altitude below 600 feet, in order to avoid radar detection. We will make a surprise attack on the enemy before they have a chance to counterattack.

Target: The enemy garrison

It is difficult to maintain low altitude flight, but we must not be detected by the enemy's radar in order to avoid any possible resistance. Take a good look at the lay of the land, and proceed with care!



  • 8 x Radar
  • 1 x Tower



  • The name of the Fox Force Four team is a reference to the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, in which the character Mia Wallace is described as having participated in a television pilot named "Fox Force Five".


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