"Four... Three... Two... One... Fire! Hit, damn it!"
― Deanna McOnie

Major Deanna McOnie is an officer in the Osean Ground Defense Force. She was involved in the restoration of the fourth railgun of Stonehenge and the destruction of Arsenal Bird Liberty during the Lighthouse War.


During the outbreak of the Lighthouse War, Major McOnie, along with Warrant Officer Lehmann, and a contingent from the Osean Army, focused their efforts on restoring Stonehenge's fourth railgun.[1]

On August 19, 2019, the railgun was finally restored, setting Operation Dragon Breath in motion. With the assistance of various Osean Air Defense Force squadrons, as well as the Osean Ground Defense Force, the railgun was ready to fire. However, it could not be aimed as the survey team was killed by Glitnir. Lehmann then told McOnie to use their eyes to aim the cannon. Using the range tables left by Stonehenge's previous occupants, she calculated the angle at which to fire at the Arsenal Bird.[1]

She took the shot and Liberty was finally taken down. McOnie thanked everyone who participated in the operation. She gave Lehmann the credit for the victory, stating that it taught her a good lesson on the importance of manual control.[1]


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