The Republic of Delarus is a small republic located in the northwestern Usean Continent. Delarus is a nation that is sandwiched between the Republic of Amber, and the Independent State of Ugellas.


Usean Continental War

In 2005, the Republic of Delarus joined with the Independent State Allied Forces, Ugellas, Amber, and North Point militaries to help and stop the Federal Republic of Erusea. Border conflict had later spread between Erusea and Delarus, with Erusians indiscriminately bombing cities with thousands of civilians. The Delarus populace were desperate for any help. What happened to Delarus after the Usean Continental War is unknown.

According to the Ace Combat 4 official website, Mobius 1's parents lost their lives at the beginning of the Usean Continental War possibly during Eruseas bombing campaign against Delarus. This could mean that Mobius 1 originates from the Republic of Delarus. In the November of 2005, Solo Wing Pixy was stationed near the border of Delarus.


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