Delarus is a small country located somewhere in northern Usea. Its exact location is never specified.


The Usean Rebel Forces took control of Delarus and most other Usean countries after forcing the Usean Allied Forces off the continent during the Usean coup d'état. Scarface Squadron helped the Allied Forces in pushing the rebels eastward, restoring the sovereignty of Delarus and its neighbors.[1]

During the Continental War, the Federal Republic of Erusea captured Delarus in its invasion of the entire continent in late 2003.[2] The Independent State Allied Forces restored the country's sovereignty by September 2005 when the organization regained control of the continent.[3] ISAF placed at least one flag atop a building to signify their presence in Delarus. Despite this, a border dispute continued into at least late November 2005. Brett Thompson interviewed Larry Foulke in the midst of the border dispute as part of Thompson's documentary Warriors and the Belkan War.[4]



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