The Democratic Liberal Party, also known as the Fatherland and Workers Party, was an extreme right-wing group that ruled Belka in the middle of the late 20th century economic crisis. It was ruled by rightist Waldemarr Rald. [1]


The Liberal Party rose to power in the aftermath of the 1988 federal law review, winning the majority vote in elections held in December. The first years of their rule were defined by widespread anti-Osean sentiments and unstable relations with the former Belkan territory of Ustio. They also held public speeches with the goal of instilling nationalism in the country.

With the discovery of natural resources in the southern Ustio-Belkan border in early 1995, the party authorized the military invasion of the country, starting the Belkan War. It remained in power until the nuclear explosions in the Waldreich Mountains in June, when an interim government rose to assume control over Belka prior to its formal surrender, but still held sway over the country.

In 1996, investigative parties found a connection between the Liberal Party and the A World With No Boundaries movement in the communication logs of rebel pilot Lars Matthaus, causing the fall of Waldemarr Rald, and likely his party, from power.[2]


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