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Desert Arrow is the 16th campaign mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It plays after White Noise if the player said "Yes" to Chopper's question about a song at the end of that mission. Alternatively, saying "No" or nothing will play Desert Lightning instead.


Orson Perrault: Well, this is it. Our ground forces will engage in a decisive battle with the enemy's main force in the Jilachi Desert. If our Army wins this showdown of military might, we'll be just a hair away from total victory. We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.

Briefing Officer: This mission will be referred to as "Operation Desert Arrow." The operation will be spread across the entire northern part of the Jilachi Desert. Its final target is at two separate strategic positions: The field HQ in the northern region of the mission area, and the airfield in the western region. A bomber squadron will attack the field headquarters, while the Army 1st Tank Battalion will advance toward the airstrip. Your mission this time is to protect both units from defending enemy forces. This operation is spread out across the entirety of a wide command area. You'll be up against a large number of enemy forces, so choose your opponents carefully. Don't try to take on all of them. Destroying a certain number of enemy forces within your allotted time on station will be considered successful completion of the mission. Operation Desert Arrow commences today at 1050 hours.



The mission's initial objective is to defend the 1st Tank Battalion and the bomber squadron from all enemy forces. In addition, the player must earn 10,000 points within the time limit.

Mission Update

After the first objective is completed and 15 minutes pass, the second objective is to destroy two E-767s and one KC-10 Extender. The TGTs are protected by several fighters. The mission ends when all TGTs are destroyed.

Enemy Lists

We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 21,500 points.[1]


Briefing Officer: Operation Desert Arrow was a success. Yuktobania's field headquarters and the airfield both fell to our forces. The Osean army is advancing quickly on all fronts, and enemy forces in the northern part of the Jilachi Desert are on the verge of being annihliated. The ground forces, fresh from securing the Jilachi area of operations, have set off for Cruik Fortress in their quest to liberate Cinigrad.

Orson Perrault: Our ground forces have scored a major victory. If we can destroy the fortress standing in our path, we'll open a road to the capital of Yuktobania. Then we'll storm the heart of the enemy!


  • One of five special hangars housing parts for the ADF-01 FALKEN can be found in this mission. It's located in-between the air base and the enemy HQ, but won't appear on radar until the player approaches it.