Destroy Enemy Staging Zone is the 8th mission of Air Combat.

Loyalist forces have discovered an enemy plan to retake the strategically important region of Donet City, which was previously raided and taken over by government troops. As a result, the player is tasked with the objective of locating and sanitizing an island area where the Donet City strike force is preparing their attack.

Mission briefing

"Regaining Donet City is a prime strategic consideration for the enemy. To forestall offensive operations we will strike their staging area. Target: Staging facilities and B-1 bombers. [1] Our goal is to hit them before their incursion begins. Good luck!"



  • 2 x B-1 - $300,000
  • 3 x B-2 - $900,000
  • 5 x Ground


  • 2 x MiG-29 (Veteran) - $40,000
  • 3 x YF-23 (Rookie) - $200,000
  • 2 x Ground



  1. The subtitles state "B-1, B-2 Bombers", but the briefing officer merely says B-1 bombers.
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