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"There she is. That's Opera House, their massive drilling base."
Ulrich Olsen

The destruction of Opera House was a conflict that took place in Gunther Bay during the Usean coup d'état.[1] [2]


After the success of Operation Anchorhead Freedom, intelligence analyzed data obtained during the battle and discovered a facility southeast of Anchorhead that served as a fuel base. The destruction of this base would deal a major blow to the rebels' fuel supply. In preparation for the assault, Scarface Squadron received two new pilots, John Herbert and Kei Nagase; it was up to Phoenix which one would be his co-pilot.[2]


At 1000 hrs, Scarface Squadron entered the airspace over Gunther Bay and began their attack on the base. The squadron faced some resistance from anti-air defenses and enemy fighters, but they were eventually able to neutralize all enemy forces and destroy the ocean drilling facility.[2]


The fuel base, codenamed Opera House, was captured as a result of the operation. The loss of a major source of fuel would be a major blow to the rebels' strength.[2]