Detlef Fleisher, alias "The Red Swallow" was an ace pilot of the Belkan Air Force. Born in 1962, he joined the BAF in the 80s, later becoming one of the Belkan Federation's most famous ace pilots.


Early life

Detlef was born in the city of Dinsmark in 1962. After graduating from high school, he decided to join the Shainder Academy,after graduating from high school and started his career as an officer thus starting his career in the military,mainly due to the fact his father and brother were both members of the army. He was both good looking and intelligent. His cool and bold combat tactics quickly prompted him into the upper echelons of the military. Heinz Fleischer, Detlef's father, had always believed his skill was the result of good breeding, but he could not have been more wrong.

Graduating first in his class, Fleischer went on to the Air Force.Following his graduation from the Academy, he joined the Belkan Air Force, mainly thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant General Reinhard Dahl, who not only invited Detlef to the BAF, but also thought of him as the BAF's "poster boy" - handsome, smart and skilled as a pilot. Despite his optimistic views, Reinhard felt sad whenever Fleisher was deployed on a dangerous mission, as he always put himself in danger out of a belief on Belkan patriotism.

Dahl could understand Fleischer's desire to live on the edge while flying. Fleischer devoted himself to his homeland, and put himself in danger because he believed it was how patriotism should be expressed. General Dahl always felt a pang of regret whenever Fleischer was cleared for a dangerous mission.

Detlef Fleischer "Red Swallow" as professor of history at the University of Dinsmark.

{C}Fleisher's flight career truly started in 1994, where he destroyed three Ustio Su-27 Flankers over the strategic Area B7R in May 10. Following this incident, his cunningness and combat strategies earned him the title of Ace. A year later, in May 15, 1994, he eliminated a flight of 5 F-16C aircraft on his second sortie, earning him the Belkan Silver Cross Award and widespread fame across Belka, being featured in military propaganda across the country. However, as his fame grew, people close to him started persuading him to move into safer areas in the military, but the declined, choosing instead to remain as an ace of the BAF.

The accomplishments of "The Red Swallow" became widely known across Belka. Many sources near him testified that Fleischer thought of the propaganda as "a task that no one but he could perform". Rot Squadron's accomplishments were constantly praised through propaganda by many newspapers in the early stage of the Belkan War. However, the more famous he became as an ace, the more anxious people around him became. They tried to persuade him to move to safer areas, but he refused to change his ways. Despite a quickly increasing kill score, the day finally came for the ace to go down.h

Belkan War

"Rot 1 to all craft. Time to hunt some wild dogs. Down them all."
― The Red Swallow, during the First Battle of B7R

Following the outbreak of the Belkan War in 1995, in April 20 of that same year, the Rot Squadron was deployed once again in Area B7R, having recieved news that a pair of mercenaries from Ustio was causing a great deal of trouble to the local aircraft stationed there. His pride damaged, Detlef headed into the Round Table. After a fierce duel, Galm Team eventually managed to overpower the Rot Team, who were all shot down, thus ending Fleisher's perfect record.

Feeling grief for his defeat, after being rescued from B7R, Detlef Fleisher decided to leave the Air Force, starting a new career as a base commander. Following the Belkan War he was found guilty as a war criminal, but was exempted from punishment. He remained in Belka, where he became a history teacher at the University of Dinsmark.

Ten years later, in 2005, he would be one of the first aces interviewed by Osean reporter Brett Thompson for his documentary, "Warriors and the Belkan War".


"Rot 1 to all craft. Time to hunt some wild dogs. Down 'em all!"

"Mercenary dogs."

"Don't think you'll leave Area B7R alive."

"That's all they are. They're nothing like us."

"Money hungry dogs are without an ounce of honour."

"Enough playing around. I'll drive them to the flames."

"Rot 1 to all units, do not disengage until they have both been defeated."

"I've never seen flying like that in Belka."

"You will be my seventh plane downed in B7R."

"How can Ustio mercenary dogs fly so well?"

"Mercenaries are driven by money. They shouldn't be able to beat us."

"I've been hit? That lowlife mercenary!"

"A nation is comprised of individuals who live in its borders. It can only become a nation when it is supported by those individuals. But mercenaries who cross the lines and allegiance for money have no country to protect...They only fight for their own power and fame. But if that was the case then how did I lose to him? Maybe not having the burden of a nation allows you to fly faster."

"Back then, I was bursting with pride. I wanted to lead us to victory, for Belka's honor. Staying where it was nice and warm wouldn't accomplish anything. My flight's mission was to maintain air superiority in Area B7R, an essential area we couldn't allow to be violated. That day, when I heard the order from HQ for reinforcements, I became angry. The stationed force was in chaos just because of two mercenaries. There was no way the mighty Belkan Air Force could lose to mere mercenaries. My pride was shot and the Round Table was defiled. What went wrong? Whatever it may be, the fact remains that I was forced to walk a different path from the one I envisioned."


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