"Let this be a symbol of the fury born by our countrymen towards Aurelia, who have sought only to capitalize on our country's inner turmoil."
― Navarro's speech when demonstrating the Gleipnir's capabilities[1]

Diego Gaspar Navarro was the commanding officer of the Democratic Republic of Leasath and the instigator of the Aurelian War.[2] He also controlled Leasath's arms industry.[3]


Navarro took power in the impoverished nation of Leasath following the Leasath Civil War, which ended in 2019.

Navarro condemned the peaceful Federal Republic of Aurelia for "years of exploitation" and initiated the invasion of Aurelia in October 2020.[1] Investigations by Osean journalist Albert Genette showed that his true intent was to profit off increased arms sales following the end of the civil war. Navarro had misappropriated aid from Aurelia for arms purchases.[3]

After 95% of Aurelia was taken over by Leasath[1], Navarro hosted grand banquets almost every night at Gaiuss Tower in the Aurelian capital of Griswall, where he lauded the performance of the Gleipnir.[4]

Following the liberation of Griswall, Navarro retreated to Sentry Island and then to the Leasath capital of Alendal, eluding pursuit by Aurelian special forces.[5] Although the invasion of Aurelia was defeated, his goal of increasing arms exports had been achieved.[6]

After reaching his homeland, Navarro had plans to unveil the Fenrir[6], an advanced fighter built using tactical data gathered by the Gleipnir.[7] He held a public event with a live broadcast of the Battle of Archelon Fortress intending to show the Fenrirs' triumph; instead, the broadcast displayed Aurelia's Gryphus 1 shooting down the Fenrirs and destroying Archelon Fortress.[8]

The enraged citizens of Leasath stormed in on Navarro, and his fate remains ambiguous. The World Times published Genette's expose of Navarro's crimes.[9]