The Silber TFS is made up of four F-16C Fighting Falcon's and one F-4E Phantom II (piloted by the flight lead). Their aircraft are painted with silver zebra stripes, but Kellerman's aircraft also features silver wingtips, a white cross on the tailfin and a shark-mouth on the nose.


Kellerman initially served in the Belkan Air Force in the 70's, but quit in the 90's. After the outbreak of the Belkan War, he returned to the Air Force per order and was sent to the frontline to boost belkan troop morale. He was once the "Head Director" of a special Air Force Academy known as the 'Kellerman Institution', where he trained many cadets before returning to active duty (Michael Heimeroth known as the commander of the 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Ofnir" was one of his students). He is also a man of few words, often letting his flying skills talk for him.

Operation: Battle-Axe

"They're fast. Follow them. This will be your final mission."

Dietrich's F-4E

Dietrich Kellerman's F-4E Phantom II

-Kellerman to his students during the operation.

On May, 28. 1995, Silber Team were assigned as reinforcements to maintain air superiority over Area B7R. When they entered The Round Table, they encountered and battled Galm Team, but were defeated and shot down. Kellerman survived along with Rupert Appling, but only Kellerman managed to return to base (after Appling was shot down, he was forced to land in Ustio Territory and was captured. He ended up being a Prisoner Of War).

After the war, he retired again and now lives as a farmer in Birneheim, Belka.


Ace Combat Zero - Silber 1 - The Reborn Veteran 1

Ace Combat Zero - Silber 1 - The Reborn Veteran 1

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