"Unlike you mercenaries, I fight for a real cause. The ones who survive are those who fight for their convictions."
― Heinreich to Galm Team

Dimitri Heinreich was an ace fighter pilot in the Belkan Air Force. He was one of many legendary pilots who took part in the Belkan War in 1995.


Early years[]

"We protect the meek and give our lives for honour. But that does not mean that we are generous... since generosity will cost us our lives."
― Heinreich

Dimitri Heinreich was born in 1964 somewhere in Belka.[1] He was the fourth son in a family descending from a medieval Belkan knight. The Heinreich family had a massive role in medieval Belka, particularly in the kingdom's politics and wartime actions. The spirit of pride and patriotism descended along the bloodline, and was very apparent in Dimitri, who joined the Belkan Air Force as soon as he could in 1981.[2]

Heinreich was gifted with the ability to take whatever aircraft he flew to the limit of their performance. When he officially entered service, however, he exclusively flew the JAS-39C Gripen, which matched his tactical style of flying. After just eight years of service, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and leader of Indigo Squadron in 1988. In the next four years, the Democratic Liberal Party rose to power in Belka, whose members expressed interest in returning the original Belkan aristocrats to the military; this led to rumors that high-ranking officials had a hand in Heinreich's promotion.[2]

Belkan War[]

"Initially, my squadron was assigned to the stable eastern front. That was changed to Area B7R, "The Round Table", where casualties were recorded at a fearsome pace."
― Heinreich

On March 25, 1995, Belka invaded its neighboring countries, sparking the Belkan War. Two days into the invasion, Heinreich and the rest of Indigo were involved in an assault on Model, Gebet, a city on the Belka-Gebet border. FATO's air force sent a squadron of F-14D Super Tomcats, but they were decimated; Heinreich himself shot down 9 of them within five minutes after the battle began. Belka soon established hegemony over Gebet and FATO, leaving its pilots to fly as they desired over their skies. Heinreich repeatedly sortied over this airspace, referred to in the Belkan Air Force as the "Eastern Front."[2][3]

On April 20, immediately prior to sortieing for an air defense operation on the Eastern Front, Indigo's assignment was changed to defend Area B7R from the Allied Forces. Heinreich and the rest of Indigo were all experienced in the Round Table, having scored many kills. However, they engaged in a fierce battle with Galm Team, the latter coming out victorious. Heinreich managed to eject from his aircraft; he suffered serious injuries and was found unconscious, but he survived after doctors managed to resuscitate him.[1][2][3]

Later life[]

Heinreich remained in a coma for three months, and woke up in July, a month after the Belkan War had ended. He soon left the military.[1][2][3]

As of 2005, he was living in Lichtenburg, Belka, his hands full with his family's trading company.[1][2][3] On October 10 of that year, he was interviewed by OBC reporter Brett Thompson as part of his documentary, "Warriors and the Belkan War."



  • Heinreich's interview intro in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War incorrectly shows his nickname as "Indigo Heron". His true nickname, as stated by both Thompson and the official website, is "Blue Heron".
  • Heinreich's hobbies include fencing and maintaining a vintage wine collection.[3]