Directus is the capital city of the Republic of Ustio.

Once an old city that had survived the Dark Ages, Directus grew over time, and soon much of the city had become unorganized. Known as "The Inland Jewel", its population reached 1.390.000 citizens. It is constituted from five administrative areas divided by the River Crescere. For years, the city has produced various amount of fine craftsmanship products - a fact that is reflected from the city's architecture. It was overshadowed by the industrial might of Belka. It was taken over by Belkan Forces in 1995 by the Blitzkrieg at the opening of the Belkan War.


The Belkan War (1995)

Directus was one of the first cities to fall under Belkan control at the outset of the Belkan War in early 1995. After the blitzkrieg, the city became the command center of all Belkan forces stationed in the country. However, the northern hegemony over the country would soon disappear as the surviving Ustian military forces, backed up by the military of the Osean Federation, began fighting their way through Belkan-controlled soil, eventually launching a paratrooper operation on Solis Ortus, a mountain town located in the outskirts of Directus.

On May 13th of 1995, after the capture of Solis Ortus, the Allied Forces launched an all out attack against Belkan forces in Directus. Their target was the five administrative wards centered on the River Crescere; these wards made up the Belkan Army's Ustio-Branch Headquarters. Each ward was heavily defended, primarily by ground forces, however there were also reports of a Hi-tech Belkan squadron in the area. As the attack began, lead by the Galm Team, the citizens in Ustio began to ring bells through out the city. The attack continued as administrative wards were completely wiped out and the city was slowly reclaimed. With the destruction of the last ward and with the now freed citizens flooding the streets, the Belkan 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Gelb' arrived lately over Directus. With intentions to retake the city, the Gelb Squadron attacked the Galm team. After an engagement the 23rd TFS was destroyed and air superiority over Directus was secured, thus marking the end of the war on the Ustian front.


  • Directus made its first appearance in Ace Combat chronology at the briefing screens from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. However, the name is spelled as "Dilectus". It is likely that this is a typographical error, due tot he vowel differences in the English and Japanese dialects, as the latter does not difference "L" from "R".
  • Interestingly enough, both Directus and Dilectus are legitimate words from the Latin language: "directus" is the perfect passive participle of dīrigō (as in direct, to set straight), whereas "dilectus" is the Perfect passive participle of dīrigō (as in esteemed, loved.)
  • The River Crescere's namesake is the word crescere, Latin verb that translates into "[to]" grow, increase, expand." This is most likely an allusion to Directus's expansion after the Dark Ages.
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