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*Dominic was portrayed by [[D.C. Douglas]].
*Dominic was portrayed by [[D.C. Douglas]].
*D.C. Douglas also portrayed AWACS [[AWACS Ghost Eye|Ghost Eye]] in Ace Combat 6.

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Dominic Zubov was a Yuktobanian mercenary who served in the Belkan Air Force. The flight leader of the Schwarze Squadron, he was feared among the Belkan ranks as an "escapee killer", gaining a reputation with his wingmen for killing their allies without hesitation.


Early life

Zubov began his career as a mercenary at conflicts in various areas of Yuktobania, his homeland. During this time, he served with the 9th Air Division 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron, which sustained heavy damage in the suppresion of the Heum administration's coup d'etat in Romny and the Tyumen Dispute in 1986.[1]

He saw combat in the Battle of Dimitr (Tyumen's most brutal battle), where his unit destroyed the entire air force of the Republic of Kaluga at the cost of 80% of their aircraft. The disaster at Dimitr drove all survivors insane except for Dominic, who later left the Yuktobanian Air Force to work as a soldier for hire with Romny and the Kingdom of Valga. In 1990, he became a lone wolf once more and crossed the Ceres Ocean to Osea, where the Belkan Federation hired him for a great salary.[1]

Service in Osea

Dominic joined the Belkan Air Force during its restructutration, and proved to be a major asset in its remodeling. He joined the Schwarze Squadron, which was their resident "foreign legion", later finding himself and his teammates carrying out "surveillance" operations behind the frontlines, killing any defecting personnel with authorization from Belkan High Command.[1]

The classified nature of these missions made Zubov's curriculum a secret, preventing him from being wholly recognized as an ace. Flying a black and crimson MiG-31 Foxhound to exploit its acceleration, his actions as a "hitman" for the BAF led to other pilots disdainfully  nicknaming him "the Vulture".[1]

The Belkan War and later life

"It was a typical assignment. But... Something unexpected happened. My target was no new recruit, but a top ace of the Belkan Air Force. And he just had to go and run straight into the chaos at the Round Table. The man was sharp just like the rumours."
― Zubov, on the incident at the Round Table.
"Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War"
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When the Belkan War broke out in 1995, Dominic saw action in the opening stages of the war, the details of which remain unknown.

In May 28, the Schwarze team was ordered to kill BAF veteran Wolfgang Buchner, who refused to drop a nuclear weapon on a Belkan city. Chased by the "Escapee Killer", he escaped to southern Belka and flew to the border at Area B7R, just as a massive air battle between Allied and Belkan aircraft was taking place. Buchner dove into the chaos in an attempt to lose his pursuers, flying past Cipher and Larry Foulke of the 66th Air Force Unit in the process.[2]

Dominic angrily blamed the Galm Team for making him lose Wolfgang, and ordered Schwarze to kill them. The ensuing battle ended with the destruction of the entire Schwarze Squadron, of which Dominic was one of the only known survivors. After the incident at B7R, he fled Belka to avoid prosecution as a war criminal, his whereabouts a mystery. Ten years later, he was found by Brett Thompson of the Osean Broadcasting Corporation for his documentary, "Warriors and the Belkan War", where he was interviewed somewhere in Oured, Osea.[2]




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