"The real heroes always manage to die first."
― Dominic Zubov[4]

Major Dominic Zubov (ドミニク・ズボフ)[1] was a Belkan Air Force pilot who had formerly served as a mercenary in various Verusan countries. As the flight leader of the Schwarze Team, he was feared among the Belkan ranks as an "escapee killer", gaining a reputation with his wingmen for killing their allies without hesitation.


Mercenary career

Zubov was born in Yuktobania in 1957.[2][3] He became a mercenary pilot by the 1980s, and the Yuktobanian Air Force hired him in 1985.[5]

In 1986, Zubov joined the Yuktobanian Air Force's 9th Air Division 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron in the Tyumen Dispute with the Republic of Kaluga on Yuktobania's southern border. The most notable battle in this dispute was the Battle of Zhytomyr, in which Zubov's unit lost over 80% of its forces. However, the Republic of Kaluga Air Force also suffered heavy losses in the battle. Many surviving members of the 112th Squadron were discharged from the Yuktobanian Air Force due to symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder; Zubov was among those discharged, despite maintaining his mental health.[1]

In 1987, Zubov joined the Republic of Romny's air force. That same year, the Huem administration within Romny launched a coup d'etat. Zubov, who was part of the loyalist government's air force, helped to quell the rebellion. By 1989, Zubov had left Romny and worked for the Kingdom of Valka's Royal Air Force.[1]

Service in Belka

"Back then, I was a shadow assassin. An "escapee killer." Given the order, I'd even shoot down my own comrades."
― Zubov on his Belkan Air Force service[6]

By 1989, top officials in the Belkan Air Force had taken notice of Zubov. In 1990, they offered him a large sum of money to join the air force, and Zubov accepted their offer. At the time, the Belkan Air Force was trying to maintain troop morale, and decided to punish deserters by shooting them down. The Schwarze Team, comprised of mercenaries, was created for this task, and Zubov was chosen to lead it.[1]

The classified nature of Zubov's missions made his service history a secret, preventing him from being wholly recognized as an ace. Flying a black and crimson MiG-31 Foxhound to exploit its acceleration, his actions as a "hitman" for the BAF led to other pilots disdainfully nicknaming him the "Vulture".[1]

In late May 1995, in the midst of the Belkan War, Schwarze Team was ordered to kill Belkan Air Force veteran Wolfgang Buchner, who refused to drop a nuclear weapon on a Belkan city.[7] Buchner flew through Area B7R on May 28 during a massive air battle between Belka and the Allied Forces; he flew past Cipher and Larry Foulke of Galm Team and Schwarze Team subsequently lost track of him. Zubov blamed Galm Team for making him lose his target, and ordered his squadron to shoot them down. The ensuing battle ended with Galm shooting down all Schwarze members, of which Zubov was one of the only two confirmed survivors.[8]


After the incident at B7R, Zubov fled Belka to avoid prosecution as a war criminal.[6] He is suspected to be part of an Osean smuggling ring.[3]

In 2005, Brett Thompson tracked down and interviewed Zubov for his Osean Broadcasting Corporation documentary, Warriors and the Belkan War. The interview took place somewhere in Oured.[6]



  • The official Ace Combat Zero website stated that "Dominic Zubov" may not even be his real name.[1]