Dragan Panadic, callsign Oryol, was initially a member of the Independent Tariff Federation before being integrated into the Lyes United Front during the Estovakian Civil War. After the civil war, he joined the Estovakian Air Force and became the flight lead of its Central Forces Precinct, 3rd Aviation Regiment, 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron.[1]

Dragan Panadic was a ground-sweeping specialist during the civil war, relentlessly taking out enemy ground forces and striking key emplacements across the battlefield. The ferocity he displayed during his sorties earned him the nickname the "Southern Vulture".[1]

Oryol is one of the named aces found in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, he appears in Mission 5 of the game if played on Expert difficulty or higher. His livery for the F-15E Strike Eagle becomes available for purchase after shooting him down.


During the initial phases of the civil war, Pandadic was a member of the Independent Tariff Federation.

Once the Independent Tariff Federation was defeated, he was absorbed into the Lyes United Front where he would gain notoriety for spearheading strikes against enemy cities. The viciousness of his attacks would garner fear and animosity from many members of the military and even those within the Estovakian Federation Command.[1]

Once the war began, he continued to operate as a ground-sweeping specialist, decimating record numbers for the amount of enemy ground troops he had destroyed.[1]

During the Rargom Beach offensive, the Emmerians began their landing on the south-western side of the Anean continent. Oryol took to the skies to try to stop the invading Republic of Emmeria Army from establishing a beachhead. Ultimately, he was shot down by Republic of Emmeria Air Force pilots during the battle.[2]



  • "Oryol" means "Eagle" in Russian.