"Fire! Shoot them down! Valahia's spirit will not be so easily broken!"
― Valahia Commander

Dragon Lair is the 14th campaign mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: The attack on the hostile fortress in the south of Romania will now commence. Scouts have confirmed that the fortress rail gun is the same model used on their aerial base. We will approach from the south of the fortress and eliminate all enemies blocking our way. Anticipated rail gun attacks will be shown on your HUD, so keep an eye on it. Destroy the rail gun and teach the Valahia that their tyranny's at an end! Prepare to launch, Antares Squadron


As the player makes their way to the Balaur, a number of tanks, AA guns, SAMs and even AH-64As will spawn along the river, which some of them will be marked as targets. As you cleared them all, a Su-27 will appear near the Balaur, shoot it down and three jamming facilities will spawn above the hills near the Balaur and will periodically jams player's HUD and lock-on capability. Each jamming facility is defended by a couple of AA guns.

Once all three jammers are destroyed, the Balaur activates its own AA and SAM batteries. Destroy them and its rail gun barrel will be targetable, along with a pair of enemy F-15E reinforcements to the north of Balaur's position. After the barrel is destroyed, finish off the Balaur. Be careful as four enemy RPGs will spawn around it. Those RPGs constantly respawns until the Balaur is destroyed, allowing you to easily obtain the S rank condition.

S Rank[]

Achieve score of 7000 or more by the time the mission is complete.

Named Aces[]

  • YF-23 Bloodstone - appears from the beginning of the mission in the southwestern corner of the map flying north.


Burford: The hostile rail gun and fortress have been destroyed, alleviating the threat from Europe. The global community is still terrified of the Valahia and their nuclear capabilities. Just keep in mind that your actions are bringing these people hope. Never forget that.