The Dragonet-class submarine[a] was a class of combat submersibles developed by the Federation of Central Usea.


The two known Dragonet submarines (Folkvangr and Fensalir) were created at some point in the late 20th century, likely during the 1980s, as a cruise missile launch platform. In September 1991, Yuktobania unveiled its new Scinfaxi-class submarine, which bared a striking resemblance to the Dragonet's design, prompting Osean Foreign Minister Howard to accuse the Yuktobanians of copying the FCU.[1]

Usean coup d'état

Sometime in 1998, at the outbreak of the Usean coup d'état, the Folkvangr, Fensalir, and their arsenal of cruise missiles were seized by members of the Usean Rebel Forces. Around the midpoint of the war, the rebels began using the Fensalir to launch attacks against the Usean Allied Forces. The Allies soon discovered the existence of a submarine dock in Seals Bridge Ravine, a region of southern Usea located between the Scofield Plateau and the Spring Sea. The mercenary squadron Scarface mounted a night-time assault on the base and sunk the Fensalir as it was leaving its pen; however, its sister ship, the Folkvangr, remained at large.[2][3]

During one of the final engagements of war, following the assault on the Rebel's main headquarters, the Allied Forces discovered that the Folkvangr had fled Saint Ark shortly before their attack. Scarface Squadron was sent to intercept and destroy the second Dragonet sub; however, the ship managed to launch an advanced cruise missile toward Saint Ark just before its destruction. (The missile was subsequently shot down by Phoenix shortly before impact.)[4][5]


The nuclear-powered Dragonet-class submarines featured a large, oblong body measuring 350 meters long, 64 meters wide, and 22 meters tall (from the bottom of its hull to the top of its dorsal conning tower).[citation needed] The Dragonet's aft sections were slightly wider than its bow, possibly due to the aft being the location of its ballast tanks. The submersibles were also armed with a single anti-aircraft gun, a surface-to-air missile launcher, and cruise missile launch ports. Although their formidable size might suggest otherwise, the Dragonets' hull armor was not very durable.[2][3]



  • The Dragonet's overall design is replicated by the Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi submarines in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
    • The resemblance is addressed by a piece in the Yuktobanian newspaper FOLLOW regarding the Scinfaxi's unveiling by Prime Minister Samanov on September 2, 1991. The newspaper details how Osean Foreign Minister Howard claimed the Scinfaxi to be a Yuke counterfeit of the Dragonet.


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