"Drake Squadron, follow me! I'll show you how the pros do it!"
"Copy that. Show us what you got!"
― Drake 1[1]

Drake Squadron was an Osean Air Defense Force squadron that saw deployment during the Lighthouse War.


On August 19, 2019, Drake Squadron participated in Operation Dragon Breath, where they assisted in shooting down Arsenal Bird Liberty over the Hatties Desert. Whilst Trigger and Wiseman attacked the Arsenal Bird's central propellers, the squadron helped defend Stonehenge from incoming MQ-101s.[2]

On September 4, Drake participated in Operation Sighthound, where their objective was to escort the Osean Maritime Defense Force fleet tasked with capturing the advanced nuclear submarine, Alicorn.[1]

On October 31, Drake joined the coalition of Osean and Erusean forces in Operation Daredevil. During the operation, Drake engaged Erusean Radical aircraft around the International Space Elevator and later aided in shooting down Arsenal Bird Justice.[3]