Dresdene is a temperate mountainous region located in southeastern Yuktobania, northwest of the Bastok Peninsula and due west of the city of Istochnik.[2] The area is the site of an unspecified civilian engineering college.


Dresdene features a scenic, picturesque landscape of snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, and wide verdant valleys. The region is sparsely populated, apart from several rural towns scattered across the area; a civilian engineering college is situated somewhere in Dresdene, but its exact location remains unknown.[1]


Circum-Pacific War

On November 2, 2010, at 0600hrs, a convoy of Yuktobanian Air Force transport planes, which were evacuating Yuktobanian forces from the Osean-occupied Bastok Peninsula, flew through Dresdene in an attempt to regroup and strengthen the capital's defenses. Wardog Squadron was consequently dispatched to intercept the transports and halt their withdrawal.[1]

November 2 terror attack

"This is the 8492nd leader. All 8492nd units, proceed as planned."
Ashley Bernitz (Grabacr leader)[1]

As Operation Hammerblow was underway, Dresdene's civilian engineering college fell victim to an air strike by aircraft bearing OADF markings. During the attack, Second Lieutenant Hans Grimm overheard the perpetrators referring to themselves as the "8492nd Squadron"; however, Wardog, which was the only known OADF unit operating in Dresdene at the time, became the prime suspect[1] and was subsequently summoned to Oured for questioning.[3] The incident ultimately resulted in numerous civilian casualties and further intensified anti-Osean sentiments among the Yuktobanian people.


  • A modified version of the mission "Blind Spot" appears in AC5's 2004 holiday demo disc; it features a total of eight transports to shoot down, and the radar jammers are absent.