For the HARD version of this mission, see Dubai Night Assault (HARD).

Dubai Night Assault is a multiplayer mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


While fighting with our forces in the Persian Gulf, the enemy also advanced upon Dubai, which had declared itself a demilitarized city. We cannot turn our heads away from armed forces stationing themselves in a city along the strategically vital Strait of Hormuz. Perform a night air raid and wipe out the enemy quickly.

Mission Clear Conditions:
Achieve specified results within the operation time. The team with the best results will receive additional rewards.


The mission's atmosphere is similar to the mission Emancipation of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. Alpha team begins from the East of the city, while Bravo team begins above the World Islands. The enemies are gathered in three different parts of Dubai. One group is gathered enemy small combat ships anchored between World Islands and the beach, one SP target here is a Destroyer ship. The second group is mostly low priority and a couple of medium priority ground targets just East of the anchored ships. And the third group is located east of Palm Jumeirah, a mixed group of small combat ships, and ground enemies. Enemies in the air are random medium priority targets. In the first set, players will encounter large number of MiG-29s and Rafale Ms. In this set, in the third enemy group there will be Mi-24s. In the second set, there are only MiG-29s in the air, but there will be Rafale Ms flying between buildings near the third group and a small number of Mi-24s flying near the second group. In the third set, there are a smaller squadron of just JAS-39Cs and SP YF-23s flying between buildings near the third group. When the timer reaches 4 minutes left or when all ground targets are destroyed before the timer reaches 4 minutes left, whichever comes first, more enemies will spawn on the Palm Jumeirah, consist of low priority ground and naval targets and also a couple of medium priority bunkers.

After the emergency mission update, the last wave of enemies can spawn on where the first group was, between World Islands and the beach. The naval enemies here consist of several SP target Cruisers, Aegis, and Destroyers accompanied by small combat ships such as Corvettes, Missile Boats, Gunboats; and escorted by MiG-29s, Rafale Ms, and SP F-22As. The last group of enemies can also spawn around Burj Khalifa or East of Palm Jumeirah, both consisting of various ground units as well as AD Tank and Heavy Artillery SP targets. The final wave of SP F-22As will spawn in the last 25 seconds.

The mission ends after all enemies are destroyed or when the countdown hits zero.


E or D Rank

The results of the air strike were insufficient, with the enemy only being temporarily pushed to the outskirts of Dubai. They will definitely press on to take the heart of the city again before long.

C or B Rank

After the losses in Dubai, the enemy units have reformed and moved to Abu Dhabi. They remain a threat, but for now the operation in Dubai is a success.

A Rank

Your surprise attack has forced the enemy to abandon Dubai and retreat.
This should severely restrict their military activity in the vicinity of the Gulf for the foreseeable future.

S Rank

Your perfectly executed raid has completely eradicated all enemy forces from Dubai.
Reacting in shock to this defeat, enemy front lines are starting to shrink all across the Persian Gulf.




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