For the normal version of this mission, see Dubai Night Assault.

Dubai Night Assault (HARD) is a more challenging version of the Online Co-Op Mission Dubai Night Assault, featured in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.




Mission Update[]

HARD Update[]

S Rank[]

As with other HARD Online Co-Op Missions, achieving an S Rank on Dubai Night Assault (HARD) requires teamwork among all players. There will be difficulty in trying to earn the S rank with only 4 players.

One possible distribution of players would be to have at least two players for air-to-ground attack, at least one player for air-to-air attack, and at least one player for the potential of air-to-ship attack in the first mission update.


C or B Rank[]

After the losses suffered in Dubai, the enemies deployed there have regrouped and moved to Abu Dhabi. Although they still pose a threat, the operation in Dubai can be called a success.

A Rank[]

The success of your raid has caused the enemy to abandon Dubai and flee.
Enemy operations in the Gulf region will be restricted for the foreseeable future.

S Rank[]

Your perfectly executed raid successfully wiped out all of the enemy forces from Dubai. This has resulted in the shrinking of battle lines in the entire Persian Gulf region.