"Geez, now they got us turning right back into another battle. And this scenery definitely clashes with my Rock 'n' Roll."
Alvin H. Davenport[1]

Duga is a tropical, heavily forested region in southeastern Yuktobania. The region is located north of Lake Dama[2] and southwest of Dresdene.


Duga features numerous mountainous plateaus with large foothills. The landscape is covered in tropical jungles and is crisscrossed by several winding rivers and wide valleys. Duga's equatorial climate is characterized by high humidity and abundant year-round rainfall; it likely supports a high level of biodiversity.


"Have you forgotten that we're holding the supply lifeline of our entire army?"
― Duga armory personnel[1]

At some point in time, Yuktobania constructed an ammunition storage facility (known as the "Samizdat"[3]) in the Duga region. The massive facility, which was constructed within Duga's plateaus, held enough munitions to supply an entire Yuktobanian Army division for a week of combat operations. On November 7, 2010, following the Osean Army's invasion of the Yuktobanian mainland, Wardog Squadron flew to Duga and destroyed the ammunition dump.[1] The Oseans would occupy the Duga region for the remainder of the Circum-Pacific War.