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The EA-200 is a fictional jammer aircraft introduced in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.


The EA-200 is the main jammer aircraft operated by the Estovakian Air Force, making a small number of appearances in the course of the game's plot. As an enemy, it is first introduced in Operation B of the mission "Selumna Peak", where a small number of units provide jamming cover along with Tornado GR.4 aircraft. It later reappears in Operation F of "The Liberation of Gracemeria", where it provides radar cover for enemy forces.


Throughout its appearances, the EA-200 serves as a mobile jamming platform, providing assistance to allied forces by generating signals that tamper with enemy radar. The signals emitted from this aircraft fill a large part of the player's radar with a green "mist", preventing one from spotting enemy targets within its jamming coverage. The signals will continue to block the radar until the jammer is destroyed.



  • The EA-200 appears to be an airliner modified as an electronic warfare aircraft, and its most possible origin of this aircraft is Boeing 767.