For the removed UPEO fighter aircraft, see EC-17U Hornet.

The EK-17U[1] is a tanker aircraft used by the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization for refueling aircraft in mid-flight.


The EK-17U is derived from General Resource's C-17B Globemaster III and specifically designed for mid-air refueling. Except for its refueling probe and the added 1415 kg of weight, the EK-17U is identical to the C-17B.[2]

The aircraft's specifications are as follows:[3]

  • Length: 53.04 m (174.02 ft)
  • Wingspan: 51.76 m (169.82 ft)
  • Height: 16.79 m (55.09 ft)
  • Weight: 266765 kg (588116.15 lbs)
  • Max speed: 942 km/h (585.33 mph)



  • According to the Model Viewer, this aircraft is designated as KC-17U Globemaster III.[3] However, the in-game head-up display labels the aircraft as EK-17U.[1] It is unclear which designation is correct, so this page uses the in-game name.