EMERGENCY GROUND STRIKE is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity that only appears after completion of an Online Co-Op Mission. It takes place over Tokyo. Players must destroy as many targets as possible.


"Large-Scale Ground Force Destruction"/

The operation in Tokyo was something of a stalemate, with allies and enemies pushing back and forth in the suburbs of the city. This has all changed with the emergence of a large number of enemies from old tunnels beneath the city and abandoned storehouses. These enemies have taken control of Tokyo, but we cannot allow the situation to continue. A swift response is required to immediately wipe out these forces and free Tokyo before the city falls under permanent enemy control. We need you to sortie immediately and destroy the enemies that have developed across Tokyo.


The mission is separated into three stages:

  1. Large number of ground enemies situated along the port area with very little anti-air resistance.
  2. Large number of ground enemies north of the port area with increased anti-air firepower.
  3. Large number of ground enemies further inland with heavy anti-air resistance, supported by small numbers of AV-8B Harrier II plus, helicopters, and Tu-160 Blackjack.

Anti-air gunfire from units such as AA guns and AMD trains have increased accuracy and firepower. Furthermore, surface-to-air missiles from SAM, XSAM, and AD TANK have increased homing capabilities. All enemies must be destroyed in order to complete the mission.

S Rank

Destroy all enemies before the time runs out to achieve S rank.


S Rank

You have proven that no enemy can stand against you, regardless of their numbers.
Enemy ground forces have been wiped out and Tokyo has been freed once again.



The song played during this mission is "Naval Warfare" from the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Original Soundtrack, which also played during the Team Deathmatch mission, Tokyo Skies.


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