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East African Town is the second Mission Co-Op level in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.


East African Town follows a plot structure similar to the single player mission "Red Moon", in which the Shooter Squadron raids an SRN-controlled town to rescue Sergei Illich, who is shot down towards the end of "Oil Field".

The mission opens with the players and the Nomad Squadron heading towards the town, encountering a small force of rebels in a settlement off the main town. The three must head to several locations around the town and clear the designated landing zones of technicals, armored vehicles and infantry for Nomad, and assist the Delta Force squads on the ground as they make their way to the building Illich is held at. They later must assist the troops in assaulting the target complex, as well as fending off a tank that emerges from a nearby storage.

The later section of the stage sees the Shooter Squadron fending off two Mi-24 Hind helicopters, an event followed by the liberation of the captured Illich by sniping his captors and destroying their escape trucks. At the end, the pilots have to destroy a convoy at a neaby bridge, which is vaporized by a destroyed Trinity warhead.


The mission contains four named enemies: "Alikuwa", "Roho", "Mwanga", and "Shanti". The first three, beginning with Alikuwa, are MiG-21bis Fishbed fighters which begin spawning after attacking the four-story complex and destroying the rebel tank. As enemies, their main tactic is to make quick passes over the mission area, randomly launching missiles at players who fly too high or are distracted with the enemies on the ground. Most of the time, facing them directly and opening fire as they close in will cause them to abandon their attack and turn around to perform a second run.

Their speed makes the feat of shooting them down nearly impossible with machine gun fire alone, thus making Air-to-Air Missiles the only way of defeating them. One missile impact with deal heavy damage and likely slow them down, leaving them defenseless for a moment and exposed to gunfire. However, the fact that SP weapon capacity is reduced in Co-Op and that they can use flares to avoid missiles still makes them difficult to take down.

The fourth ace, Shanti, is a Mi-24 Hind gunship that will spawn east from the town when the players have to attack the bridge convoy. It behaves nearly identically to the helicopters faced in the mission, and is not very troublesome to take down by oneself. However, he has a tendency to launch several missiles at a distance.


  • Finishing the mission with an "A" ranking will unlock the skill "Enhanced RKTL+".
  • The names of the ace enemies present in this level derive from foreign languages.
    • "Alikuwa" is Swahili for "him".
    • "Roho" is Swahili for "spirit" or "soul".
    • "Mwanga" is Swahili for "light".
    • "Shanti" is Sanskrit for "calm", "tranquilness", or "peace".