The Eastern Faction was one of the factions that fought in the Estovakian Civil War. It was led by Gustav Dvornik and opposed the Lyes United Front, Independent Tariff Federation, Island Coalition and Northern Highlands Faction during the conflict.[1]


On June 30, 2007, the Lyes United Front (LUF) misused Emmerian aid to suppress cities opposing their rule, including the city of Gledina.[2] The LUF blockaded supply routes to the city, causing a humanitarian crisis resulting in the deaths of over 200,000 people. This led the Eastern Faction to declare war on LUF, thereby starting the Estovakian Civil War.[3]

On July 15, 2008, the Eastern Faction captured and restored oil platforms in the northeast of the country that were previously abandoned by the Oil Resource Development Corporation.[4]

Sometime during the war, the Aerial Fleet was proposed by General Gustav Dvornik and began development thanks to Belkan defectors, including Lorenz Riedel, providing unspecified military documents regarding heavy command cruiser technology from the Belkan War.[5] By 2012, the Aerial Fleet development reached a standstill, and as a result, FRONT LINE analysts suspected the faction would likely purchase Yuktobania's advanced submarine, the Alicorn, to bolster its naval forces. As the P-1112 Aigaion was later successfully completed, the Eastern Faction did not purchase the Alicorn, and it instead went to the Kingdom of Erusea.[6]

On January 15, 2013, the Eastern Faction was subject to a large offensive orchaestrated by General Lyes of the Lyes United Front. Despite the LUF's superior numbers, they were overwhelmed by the Eastern Faction's superior weaponry, such as the CFA-44's ADMM, the Aigaion,[7] and elite aviation units including both Vampire and Strigon Teams. During the following week, the Lyes United Front lost 80% of its territory to the Eastern Faction.[4]

On October 29, Eastern Faction continued pushing west against the Lyes United Front. Ultimately, they secured a major victory near the border with Emmeria, due to the Aigaion and its Nimbus missiles.[4][8] During this decisive battle, the head of the LUF, General Lyes, was killed, and the Eastern Faction won the Estovakian Civil War.[4] The Eastern Faction later reformed into the Estovakian Military Regime, which governed Estovakia until 2016.[9]


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